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20W/30WPIR Motion Sensor Led Flood light Floodlight Landscape Lamp



IP65 waterproof

project lighting of building exterior wall, bridge,
garden and trees, store, billborad, square lighting



20W/30W PIR Motion Sensor Led Flood light Floodlight Landscape Lamp spec:

Designed as a replacement of traditional floodlight with Photo Sensor

Output power: Input voltage: 85-265 AC 50/60Hz

Beam angle: 120 degrees

Lumen output: 100-110Lm/w

Color temperature: 5000-5500K (Day White)

This outdoor security light is fully waterproof and uses 85-240 AC. It only uses 30 watts of power and

still produces a large amount of light. Use it in the dark areas of your house to give it that extra light.

This light is very energy efficient, has a very long life and does not produce very much heat.

Light output colors comes in cool white color (5800-6200K).

10W Size : 11.5 X 8.5 X 8.5CM

20W Size : 18 X 14 X 10CM

30W Size : 22.5 X 18.5 X 15CM

50W Size : 29 X 24X 14.5CM

PIR Motion Sensor Advantages: the use of infrared temperature sensing technology, people enter the induction

range of 2-12M, the light automatically lights up, people leave the time delay, set safety, energy saving,

environmental protection in one.

Radiator: high pure aluminum heat dissipation design, strong convection design, perfectly solve the problem

of heat dissipation, ensure the life of the light source

Face mask: high strength explosion-proof glass, not easily damaged

Chip: Taiwan imported chips, high efficiency long lifespan

20W/30W/50W PIR Motion Sensor Led Flood light Floodlight Landscape Lamp picture:

20W/30W/50W PIR Motion Sensor Led Flood light Floodlight Landscape Lamp application:

It is widely used in applications such as security lighting, commercial lighting, residential lighting,

spot lighting, garden/patio lighting, car parks, walkways and wallwash lighting.

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