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Leaf Libery Group Co., Ltd is professional manufacturer for LED outdoor light, we offer lighting solution for landscape lighting,
swimming pool lighting, water& spa lighting, outdoor illumination. Residential lighting, commercial lighting.


Leaf Libery Group Co., Ltd mean product: LED outdoorlight, swimming pool light, led underwater light,
led underground light, led deck light, led inground light, Etc

Leaf Libery Group Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of indoor LED lighting located in Shenzhen. We have strong engineering team for helping custom get Unique Lighting solution, Outdoor Low Voltage LED solution, Landscape Lighting solution ,To Illuminate Your Home or Business, Pathway Lighting, lighting project.

Aqua landscape with 316ss led

Nowadays more and more cities require water feature in night times.

led landscape lights for villa use

From picture above you can find led pool lights, led inground lights

new product of led swimming pool light

LED light is the most popular lighting option nowaday.


Leaf Libery Group Co., Ltd. is professional manufacturer and specializing in R&D, manufacturing, sales and service of LED lighting
products, with a wide assortment of lighting units for residential, commercial, and lanscape use.